Bottled in Bond 1897

We're thrilled to announce another new arrival at Michael's wine and spirits shop in Sarasota! “Bottled in Bond 1897” Old Forester Bourbon $56.95 (Only four bottles available.) Here's the insider update from To be labeled Bottled in Bond, the bourbon must have been the product of one distillation season, one distiller, and from one distillery. Legally, it must have been aged in a federally bonded warehouse for at least four years and bottled at full 100 proof. This bourbon will be called Old Forester 1897 Bottled in Bond. The name comes from the U.S. Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897. The bourbon was created by mirroring production techniques of the 1897 time period. Old Forester was the founding brand of Brown-Foreman in 1870, created by George Garvin Brown.
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