Italian Winery Profile: Castello di Volpaia

The first document that mentions the cultivation of vines in Volpaia dates back to 1172. In 1250, Volpaia was a founding member of the Lega del Chianti (Chianti League) and played a pivotal role in protecting Chianti Classico integrity and reuniting the broken Consorzio. Castello di VolpaiaCastello di Volpaia is located in the medieval village of Volpaia. The Estate is more than 900 acres divided between vineyards, olive groves and woods. The winery is fully devoted to Organic Farming techniques for producing extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and wine, in particular Chianti Classico. Owned by Carlo and Giovannella Mascheroni Stianti assisted by their son Nicolo' Mascheroni Stianti, the family decided to commit their considerable energies toward modernizing the winery and producing world-class wines while keeping the external structure of the 11th-century village intact. They were the first in the Chianti Classico region to utilize temperature-controlled fermentation techniques. An amazing “wineduct” that connects the winery’s stainless-steel fermentation tanks in the upper part of the village to the various barrel cellars in the lower portion of the village was installed. The family also painstakingly converted several historical sites to cellars, offices and apartments. Achieving their desired level of quality has been a decades-long process, and one that is never finished. Click here for more information about Castello di Volpaia.
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