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Stop & Sip the Rosé

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Rose WineThere's nothing quite as good as a chilled glass of rosé wine on a hot day!  Reputations can be tough to shed. Perhaps none are more stubborn than rosés. Why? The wine industry–by cranking out millions of bottles and casks of bland, too-sweet white zinfandel in the 1980s–did its best to kill the notion that pink wine can be a tasty, refreshing, refined drink. Rosé wines can be dry or sweet, with a rose pink color. Rosé is made in the same manner as white wine, but using red grapes. The bunches are picked and crushed, and depending on how long the juice and grape skins sit together in the tank, the more red color is passed on to the juice. The juice is then drained off and fermented separately. The manufacturing process and health benefits of a rosé wine are similar to those associated with white wines, including improved cardiovascular health and potent antioxidants! If you are ready to stop and sip the rosés, we invite you to join us for a special blind tasting this July! Blind Rosé Wine Tasting Tuesday, July 12, 2016 6.30 p.m. at Michael's Wine Cellar: The Tasting Room Join us to taste rosé wines from around the world. Only 20 seats are available. Please click here to register now.