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Reintroducing Sean King

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Earlier this month we published a new wine recommendation from our own Sean King, but we're afraid we didn't properly introduce - or perhaps reintroduce - him! Please allow us to "formally" introduce you to Sean King of Michael's Wine Cellar, in his own words:  There is always a long story and often a short story.  I am going to give you the in-between one. I’m back at Michael's after a brief 12-year sabbatical.  This time around I hoping to tell you a great story, an honest opinion from my near 20 years of either making wine, collecting wine, reviewing wine and - of course - drinking wine as well as my out-and-about happenings around Sarasota (usually with my companion Clyde the dog). Over the past two decades, my interest in wine and knowledge of wine expanded as much as Michael's Wine Cellar has. I spent my winters here in Sarasota for more than a decade while living in Napa Valley. In 2004 and 2005, I worked for Michael Klauber in the Wine Cellar (when it was literally ½ the size it is now) a couple days a week and served as a sommelier in the adjacent Restaurant (Michael's On East) on Friday and Saturday evenings. Some of you may remember when I had a slightly different hairstyle as evidenced below. Sean King 2017 ~ The 2017 middle-age Sarasota look ~ Sean King - Long Hair ~ The cool winemaker look ~  Last year I decided to make the SRQ my fulltime home after a couple of years in Chicago and 15 years in the California wine country. So, when I am not in Michael’s Wine Cellar (and under the oppressive managerial regime of Robin Schwartz who continues to offer some amazing wine classes when not fully-occupied as my boss),  I will likely be around town with Clyde the dog. I look forward to seeing you around the community, and in the Store!  The Michael's team is thrilled to welcome Sean back to Sarasota full-time and we look forward sharing to his unique storytelling on this blog for Michael's Wine Cellar! 

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