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Reservoir; Bourbon, Rye and Wheat Whiskey

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Reservoir Distillery is a multiple Double Gold award-winning distillery located in Richmond, Virginia, created by proprietors and lifelong friends Jay Carpenter and David Cuttino. While tailgating at a Virginia Tech football game and enjoying a respected brand-name bourbon, we decided that – if we combined our innate talents and passions for fine whiskey – we could produce a highly exceptional spirit that reflected our Virginia roots and desire to bring our friends and family together. Just like that, Reservoir was born.

Unlike other brands focused on quantity, Reservoir does not follow a set schedule for aging; instead, we personally taste every barrel to determine when it is ready. In fact, we will age some 5-gallon barrels as long as two years which is the equivalent to 15 or more years in a 53-gallon barrel. Whiskey flavor profiles will shift depending on proof and temperature, so we proof every bottle to 100 so that consumers can adjust the whiskey to suit their particular tastes. It takes a personal touch to make an exceptional whiskey, and just like our distilling process, our bottling procedures are hands-on and end with each bottle being personally signed by one of our dedicated distillers. Reservoir’s goal is to provide our customers with impeccably crafted products and, hopefully, an experience that enhances their lives.
Reservoir Bourbon 400x400 2Bourbon

Our Tasting Notes:
Pour neat with a single cube sweating allowing the whiskey to open over the course of time
Nose: Vanilla, chalk, corn and toast
Palate: Char, pencil shavings, coffee and pecan with a medium to full body
Finish: Tobacco leaf transitioning into a sweet cherry finish that lingers

reservoir rye whiskey 680x1024Rye

Our Tasting Notes:
Pour neat with a drop to open up to taste but savor over time as she develops on her own terms
Nose: Honey and crème brulee, rye spice and yeast, some orange peel/citrus perhaps
Palate: Sweet notes of dark chocolate, anise, spicy with pepper
Finish: Resolves into a dry finish leaving cola and molasses on the tongue, classic rye shortstop

Wheat Whiskey

reservoir wheat whiskey 680x1024Our Tasting Notes:
Pour neat with a splash of water to blossom and mellow in the glass.
Nose: Port, hint of oak, honey, and caramel notes
Palate: Velvet texture, sweet but not cloying given the lack of corn, perfumed notes of rose petals
Finish: Orange peels, herbaceous, and honeyed with a long lasting mouth feel
Reservoir; Bourbon, Rye and Wheat Whiskey – Retail Pricing: $94.95
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