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Mini Wine Bottles Are the Way to Go

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Mini Wine Bottles Are the Way to Go

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Anyone who has ever tried to take a full bottle of wine with them anywhere at all knows how difficult it can be. Finding space for it in the car is difficult enough but trying to take it on a trip by plane becomes even more of a hassle. Still, if you’re the type of person who likes to drink a bottle of wine you don’t want to go without it, right? So what can you do to make sure you get it both ways? You can choose the mini wine bottles.


What Are Mini Wine Bottles?
Mini wine bottles are exactly what you would think by hearing the name. They’re a small bottle that’s going to give you only a little bit of wine (usually a single glass, but possibly two) instead of a full bottle that gives you up to 10 servings. Of course, it’s important to note that some people refer to ‘mini wine bottles’ when they get a bottle that’s anything smaller than standard. For some, a standard bottle may even be mini when you compare it to all the different sizes available.

Why Do You Want Mini Wine Bottles?
There are several reasons besides the ones we’ve already mentioned for you to choose mini bottles. The first is, of course, the travel that we previously discussed. Traveling with wine is a great way to enjoy yourself when you finally arrive at that destination, but it can be a lot of effort. Plus, there’s always the chance that the bottle could get broken somewhere along the way. No one wants to lose their wine or risk the mess that happens when that wine soaks into your clothes, your luggage and everything else you brought with you.

Another great benefit to these types of wine bottles is how easy they are to gift. If you’re looking for a wedding favor or just something cute to give to that cousin who’s impossible to buy for, this is a great way to go. A little bottle of your favorite kind of wine or even a couple bottles to put together a gift basket can be simple to do, and it looks elaborate and sophisticated. Your friends, relatives and everyone else is going to appreciate it as well.

This type of bottle can be great if you and some friends are looking to try out different wines as well. If each of you purchases a bottle and splits it between a few mini bottles, you can pass them around, and let everyone try different ones. It makes for a great gift idea, and it can be a whole lot of fun to have your own tasting party with different types of wine. Of course, you might do just as well pouring a glass for each of you out of a full-size bottle, but it’s easier to take home this way.

Another factor to keep in mind is how the larger bottle can breathe a little too much if you’re not going to drink all of it at the same time. If you open a bottle but end up with a bit of leftover, it can get too much air in the bottle if you just close it up and leave it for a day or more. If you pour it into mini bottles, the atmosphere is forced out, and you’ll have better flavor left over for the next time you open that bottle. But of course, you don’t want to leave it for too long.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that it can be more difficult to find mini bottles if you’re looking to purchase them already filled. It’s also potentially expensive, and you won’t get a whole lot of options. If you’re going to be bottling your own, however, it’s important to note that wine starts to lose some of its potency and flavor as soon as the original bottle is opened, so you’ll want to be careful about how you package it and when. You will be able to get good flavor, but you likely won’t get as good of a taste as you would if you had given the factory sealed bottle.

Choosing Mini Wine Bottles
If you’re looking for a mini wine bottle to use for yourself and to fill yourself, you can search just about anywhere. The empty bottles come in sizes generally around 5 ounces and in fact have their own caps and everything. They look almost exactly like a standard wine bottle but a whole lot smaller, which makes them a really fun gift. All you have to do is fill them up and use the included caps to make sure they’re sealed as tightly as possible. Of course, you want the right ones.

If you’re looking for a way to pass out wine to your friends and family but don’t want to splurge on full-size bottles, then mini wine bottles are the way to go. You can get any type of wine that you want, and you get to decide how they’re divided up as well. There’s no reason to settle for low-quality favors at your next party or to give your family something that isn’t as good just because you found it in a small bottle. You can now create your own sizes, of anything you want.

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