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“The creation of my wines at Susana Balbo Wines is to me the maximum achievement as a winemaker, product of all my efforts and many years of hard work. I could say that the winery is like my third child, a dream come true.” Susana Balbo

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wine rose de malbec crios susana balbo mendoza ar
Rose de Malbec "Crios", Susana Balbo, Mendoza, AR, 2017 
Winemaker's Notes: A beautiful, deep, vibrant rose color. Has a surprising amount of body for a rose wine, and beautiful aromas of fresh, ripe wild strawberries. 
malbec crios susana balbo mendoza ar 2016
Malbec "Crios" Susana Balbo, Mendoza, AR, 2016 
Tasting Notes: Beautiful reddish-purple color. The aromas are a mix of freshly crushed black cherries and subtle coffee and vanilla notes, just enough to frame the exuberant fruit.

About Susana Balbo
In 1999, after working more than 20 years as a consultant winemaker for national and international wine companies, Susana decided to have her dream come true and started to build Susana Balbo Wines in the heart of Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza. After more than 10 years of steady growth in foreign markets, another one of her dreams was fulfilled: her children, José, winemaker graduated from UC Davis (California) and Ana, Bachelor of Business Administration from University San Andrés (Buenos Aires) decided to go on with the family tradition and join Susana Balbo Wines team.
During the last years, Susana and her team have been working tirelessly on meeting the international highest quality standards and have showed their commitment to some of the major issues of the 21st century: food safety, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
Susana’s life reached its peak in 1999 with the birth of Susana Balbo Wines. She was able to achieve her lifelong dream: to have her own winery and to create her own wines. 
Crios in Spanish means “offspring” and was created in 2001 as a tribute to her son, José, and daughter, Ana. The wines, like her children, are full of energy and complexity. The message of motherhood, family and childhood perfectly illustrated with three overlapping hands on the label.
To create her wines, Susana Balbo combines the “knowledge of the terroir" & "winemaking skills". The art of blending is, according to Susana, the expression of the winemaker’s top talent. A way to show the ability to play with different aromas and flavors obtained from different terroirs, as does a painter with his palette.
Far from major consumption and industrial centers of the world, Argentina is characterized by being a country of large tracts of fertile land with the most diverse climates. Mendoza is a province located on the west side of the country, and a big part of its territory is occupied by mountains.
Being situated at the foothills of The Andes Range is the main advantage of our wines quality. During the winter, these high mountains accumulate the ice of the purest water which will slowly melt during the spring and summer months to provide a unique source for the development of our vineyards. 

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