Toast to the New Year!


Hosting a New Year's Eve Bash? Or do you strive to be everyone's MFG... Most Favorite Guest?   Perhaps you received an unexpected gift this holiday season...? Pay it forward with the perfect present - Champagne!

Let Michael's Wine Cellar help you welcome 2020 with fantastic end-of-the-year deals on your favorite bubbly brands, including:
MOE Bubbly 1
Regular Price 🍾 Discounted Price
  • Veuve Clicquot "La Grande Dame" $162.95 🍾$149.95 | BUY!
  • Veuve Clicquot "Yellow Label" $49.95 🍾 $44.95 BUY!
  • Moet et Chandon "Dom Perignon"$169.95🍾 $149.9| BUY!
  • Moet et Chandon "Brut Imperial"$39.95🍾$36.95 BUY!
  • Gosset "Grande Reserve Brut"$56.95🍾 $46.95 |BUY!
  • Prosecco "Superiore", Bisol Desiderio, Italy$15.95🍾$12.95 |BUY!
PLUS, we are offering our Gulf Coast Connoisseur Club members receive DOUBLE POINTS on all Champagne & Sparkling Wine purchases through 12/31.  Cheers to that!
Visit us in-store where our Michael's Wine Cellar Sparkling Specialists can help you find the perfect bottle for your budget.  We also can customize a fabulous gift basket for your recipient with our expansive selection of small-batch spirits, craft beers, and cocktail accessories.
Through New Year's Eve, Michael's Wine Cellar is open from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday 12/28, Monday 12/30, and Tuesday 12/31 (closed Sunday).  You may also browse our selection online from the comfort of your couch at any time!
Our Gift Certificate BONUS also continues through the end of December, with the purchase of $100 in gift cards you will receive a $20 bonus gift certificate. 
Shop gift card deal online now!

Should you still be searching for the perfect way to wrap up this decade and ring in the next, there is still time to reserve your space at our New Year's Eve celebration in the Restaurant at Michael's On East, with a special festive menu, fun, and festivities as the clock ticks down.
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"Bubbles, Birds & Biscuits" by Sean King

*Full disclosure: as I write this my dog Clyde and I are sitting at State Street Eating House + Cocktails enjoying a happy hour beer and staring at the newly opened Daily Bird restaurant and I can smell fried chicken.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my absolute favorite food and wine combination is really good fried chicken and good champagne (though confit duck and aged red burgundy is a very close second).

Having spent the bulk of my adult life in San Francisco and Chicago, I had the opportunity and privilege of eating at some of the best restaurants in America. During this time, I happily devoured some truly remarkable and unforgettable meals. Experiencing the greatness and unmatched talent of Alice Waters, Gary Dankos, Laurent Gras, Curtis Duffy and Nobuyuki Matsuhisas to name a few! Of all the times I said “wow, that’s really good!”, nothing provides the same kind gastronomic satisfaction the way champagne and fried chicken does.

Of all the blogs I have written, whether they are related to wine or medicine, I have never tried to promote something and in all candor, I am writing this to promote my idea for a “Bubbles, Birds and Biscuits” party in conjunction with Veuve Clicquot. While Michael and Terri are in South Africa, Phil and Kim are in Ireland and I have decided to book the wine cellar for a fried chicken and champagne Saturday afternoon party. I figure if I get the ball rolling they can’t say “no” right?

Thomas Keller is without question one of the best and most creative chefs on the planet. I have eaten at the French Laundry 4 or 5 times and each meal was always nothing short of remarkable and thought provoking. The sister restaurant next-door called “Bouchon” served THE best fried chicken I have ever had, bar none and without question. When I first saw it on the menu, it was about $23. I ordered it because, as I said to my dining companion, “I gotta know what $23 fried chicken tastes like because for this kind of money it had better be the best frickin’ chicken I have ever put in my pie hole!”. As it turns out, it was. It was so good I had that fried chicken 2 more times for dinner and once for lunch in a ten-day span.

I tell you this lil’ story because for “Bubbles, Birds and Biscuits” we will be making our version of Thomas Keller’s fried chicken along with different kinds of buttermilk biscuits. Oh, and Veuve - copious amounts of Veuve Clicquot.

I don’t know all of the specifics yet, but I do know that this party will be one that I expect to become a yearly tradition. After all, who doesn’t love champagne, fried chicken and biscuits?










Clyde staring longingly at the Daily Bird

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“Catch a Flight” at Michael’s On East this summer!

“Catch a Flight” at Michael’s On East this summer!

Need a vacation, but can't leave town? Travel to different destinations around the world through our new curated wine flights! Flights rotate on a weekly basis and every Monday a new flight will be arriving at Michael’s On East, so you're sure to find a new favorite.

Each flight is paired with exclusive culinary creations designed by Chef Jamil and his team to amplify the flavors of each wine.

Leave your passport at home when you embark on Michael’s international wine adventure.

Flights & bites are priced between $18-26 each week for three 3oz. wine pours and three tapas-style bites. Available in the Lounge nightly and in the Restaurant during lunch & dinner at Michael’s On East!

This Week’s Flight: “Menage à Bordeaux  (September 2-13)


Name: Chateau Mont-Perat, Cotes de Bordeaux

Region: FR, 2015

Description: Citrus notes with a kiss of oak on the nose. The palate has nice focus and good structure. A seam of minerality holds it all together.


Name: Chateau Croix Mouton, Bordeaux Superieur

Region: FR, 2016

Description: This is drinking beautifully right now. Moderate color. Wonderful nose with good mouthfeel. A delightful balance between old world/new world fruit and acidity.


Name: Chateau La Prade

Region: FR, 2015

Description: Earthy, with forest floor, tobacco, underbrush and dark, red fruits, the wine has length and the ability to soften and evolve with age.

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Bordeaux Futures

Bourdeaux Grapes

What Are Bordeaux Futures?

Futures, or en primeur, as it’s called in Bordeaux, is a method of purchasing a specific vintage of wine in advance, before it is bottled and released in the market. In early April each year, industry professionals gather in Bordeaux for the Unions des Grand Cru tastings (UGC), where they taste through barrel samples. Then the en primeur campaign begins and based on the quality of the wine, prices are set about 18 months before the wine is released in the general market.

Why Buy Bordeaux Futures?

  • To purchase wines at the initial release prices. Wines re-released after bottling or sold at retail in an excellent vintage will usually be considerably more expensive.
  • To secure allocations of small-production wines that may not be commercially available after “En Primeur” release. When these are gone, they are gone!
  • To own wine from the start of its life – provenance is priceless. You know that you bought it and have controlled its storage from the beginning.
  • To purchase a birth year vintage for a child, grandchild or godchild.
  • To purchase a wedding year vintage.
  • To purchase the latest vintages of a Château that you have followed and purchased over the years.

How Does It Work?

Bordeaux futures are an investment and basically, work like other market-traded commodities. Investors buy wine that has not yet reached the market. This allows the investor to obtain a potentially rare wine, at a bargain, then watch it increase in value. The wine is still in the barrels, unbottled, and won't be released for 12 to 18 months. Wine will begin to arrive after about 2 years.

Many of these wines have very limited availability. Purchases are on a first-come-first-served basis and are available by the solid case only (12 bottles unless otherwise noted). Bottle prices are displayed for comparison purposes only and do not indicate that these wines are available by the bottle.

Our Bordeaux Relationship

Michael’s On East Co-Proprietor Michael Klauber is our in-house Bordeaux specialist. He has spent a considerable amount of time in France exploring the vineyards, tasting the wines, and building personal relationships with the Chateaux owners. He works to ensure that Michael’s Wine Cellar offers outstanding Bordeaux Futures every year.

If you have any questions you call Michael’s Wine Cellar at (941) 366-0007 Ext. 249.

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BBQ Season Wine Pairings

Blog from Wine Director, Sean King: 

Working at Michael’s on East and Michael’s Wine Cellar, I tend to view the year in thirds. January through May comprises our Season (intentionally with a capital S).  From June to September is summer aka “BBQ and pool” season, and October through December combines both the holiday season and preparing for the mass migration of snowbirds that will bring us full-circle back to Season.

There are a few guarantees every summer here in the SRQ.  The locals will complain about how hot it is. There is almost always a 20-minute thunderstorm between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Yet despite the first two, invariably someone is grilling something and drinking some kind of summer wine.  With plentiful access to boats, beaches and beautiful backyard oases in our area, this is a requisite summer activity.

But here is the thing about barbecues... You can fire up the grill for one, or for one hundred. Planned events designed to feed hordes of the hungry posted up poolside are great... but the best barbecue events seem to simply happen organically.

A plate of food on a table

Description automatically generated

My dog Clyde and I will often walk to Morton’s Market for one pound of Niman Ranch skirt steak. (Often we will stop for a requisite cold beer to quench our thirst because I’m also a local who complains about the heat).  Apply olive oil and season the meat, then onto the hot grill it goes. Six minutes later, the steak comes off the grill to cool before getting sliced and layered on top of a salad. A BBQ for one.

If I’m feeling more elaborate, I love to slow-cook baby back ribs in the oven for 7 hours while an espresso barbecue sauce simmers on the stove for a couple of hours. With hot dogs and hamburgers, I’ll enjoy a cold bottle of Stella Artois. But I prefer to pair with my ribs a red Zinfandel from Napa or Sonoma.

What is the Best Wine to Pair with Barbecue?  

At Michael’s Wine Cellar, I get asked that question quite often this time of year.  Zinfandel and barbecues are a natural pairing because they are a great deal alike. Since in a past life I was a winemaker, I have tasted literally hundreds and hundreds of Zinfandels.  As great as the best ones are, they are still classified as “casual” wines in my opinion. With no disrespect to Zin lovers, I have never really thought of this varietal as world-class wines.

Barbecues are the same way. You can grill and serve lots of really delicious food at these parties, but at the end of the day, there’s just something about a grill that keeps it a casual affair.  I’ll likely have people over to the backyard once or twice this summer, where I’ll serve ice-cold Stella, a few great rosés and very old vine Zinfandel from the Russian River Valley in Sonoma. Dashe Cellars or Martinelli will likely be my BBQ house wines for the 2019 summer season.

Both bottles are California Zinfandels, perfect red wines to pair with barbecue.  One is affordably priced under $30; the other is a bit higher in price point but still accessible at $55.95.  Both would make great hostess gifts for anyone invited to a barbecue this summer!


Zinfandel, Dashe Cellars, Dry Creek, Ca, 2015

Notes of Black cherry, black raspberry, cassis, and hints of chocolate and licorice. One of the most intense Dry Creek Zinfandels Dashe has made, with dark chocolate and black pepper spice underlying the higher toned fruits. ($25.95)

Zinfandel, “Guiseppe & Luisa” Martinelli, Russian River Valley, 2016

A full-bodied wine, with a rich nose, and aroma of spice cake, raspberry, vanilla, black cherry, and prunes. Sweet and spicy, with a long finish and chewy tannins. ($55.95)

Shop online at or visit us in store at Michael’s Wine Cellar, 1283 S. Tamiami Trail, Midtown Plaza in Sarasota.

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How Many Bottles in a Case of Wine? – The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Case of Wine in 2018


How Many Bottles in a Case of Wine?  

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Case of Wine in 2018
by Nicole at

Planning a wedding? Prepping for a party with your family and friends? Maybe you want to organize a wine tasting? If so, buying a case of wine may be in order.

When it comes to figuring out how many cases of wine you need, it is always helpful to know how many bottles come in a case. It might also be useful to understand the benefits of buying a case versus multiple bottles of wine.

When you buy a case of red wine for your event, you will end up saving money in the long run. Purchasing wine bottles for a large event will ramp up a significant price. But, opting for a case of wine will save you money in the long run.

How many Bottles are in a Case of Wine?
Now that you know buying a case of wine is the best option, it’s vital to know how many bottles are actually in a case of wine so that you can effectively plan.

In a standard case of wine, you will receive 12 bottles of wine. Each wine bottle (if standard size) contains 750 milliliters of wine. Therefore, if you have 12 bottles, you will have 9 liters or 2.3 gallons of wine in one case of wine. Just make sure you have a good wine opener that can handle the long wine list you have created.

How many Cases Should You Buy?
The biggest question when it comes to planning a party is how many cases you should buy for your guests. There is a simple formula that you can follow that will allow you to accurately estimate how many cases of wine would be sufficient for your occasion.

Let’s say you were inviting 100 guests to your wedding. If the wedding lasts for four hours, you will do the following equation:

100 guests X 4 hours X 1 glass/hour = 400 glasses.

Then, you take the 400 wine glasses and divide it by five glasses that you find in each bottle. You will get 80 bottles of wine. And, if you wanted to make sure that both wine lovers are taken care (red and white lovers), you can divide the 80 by 2 to get 40 bottles of red and 40 bottles of white.

If you have figured out that you need 80 bottles of wine for your 4-hour wedding for 100 guests, you will then need to figure out how many cases you will need. Divide the 80 bottles of wine you will need to keep the 100 guests happy at a wedding by 12 (how many bottles are in a standard case), and you will get 6.6 cases. Round that up to 7 cases of wine, and your wedding is sure to be a hit, with wine glasses never being empty.

How Should You Select Your Wine?
Remember that there are many different wine lovers out there. Buying multiple cases of red wine may not do your party much service. However, if you choose a variety of wine to compose your case of wine, you will be sure to please everyone.

A great way to start with your wine selections is to choose:

Five bottles of red wine
Five bottles of white wine
Two sparkling wines
Make sure to choose some bold and light red wine and white wine to keep the selection interesting and versatile, and that you will always have a wine bottle of the variety you prefer at hand.

Choosing the wine to create an exceptional case for your next party can be easy and affordable!

Call us today 941-955-CORK (2675)

This article was originally published at :cropped logo

Wine Club Holiday Web Ads 03

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Wine of the Week: Neyers Vineyards


Neyers Wines

The 1970s brought about a re-birth to California wine, and sent it in a direction that would soon rival the great wines of Europe. Bruce Neyers, with a scientific academic background, curious mind and boundless energy, entered the field by circumstance. 

Bruce began his career working at French wine importer Kermit Lynch in San Francisco before moving to Mayacamas Winery in the Napa Valley in 1972. He spent a year in Germany as an apprentice winemaker in 1974, then worked 17 years at Joseph Phelps Vineyards in Napa Valley where he met Michael Klauber. They have been friends since 1980!

Neyers Vineyards was created in 1992 by Bruce and his wife Barbara and they produce esteemed, small-production wines from top appellations throughout Northern California. For more information visit:

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